Who We Are:

Road Radio USA is an award-winning live interactive multimedia edutainment presentation that shares a powerful and important message about the true impact of underage drinking and other drug use in a unique way that youth truly connect with.

Why do we call it edutainment? Because we know our audience will have FUN. We are certain they will be ENTERTAINED!

And guess what?

While they’re having fun and being entertained, they will LEARN.

We’ve shared our message with over half a million adolescents

Road Radio USA isn’t the typical teachy-preachy anti-alcohol and drug assembly. We aren’t here to wag our fingers and tell youth what’s right or wrong!

We understand that now more than ever young people face a lot of difficult life decisions including the decision to – or NOT to – participate in underage drinking and other drug use.

We know that the best way to make a good decision is to make an INFORMED decision.

Our very serious message is communicated through the presentation of information, facts, and statistics mixed with humor, trending and popular music, Q&A, and testimonials.

Road Radio USA and DJ Jimbo in Stereo have been mixing the music with the message for almost 30 years. Throughout this time, we’ve shared our message with over half a million adolescents in middle schools, high schools, cyber charter schools and other youth organizations throughout Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland!

Road Radio USA is:<br />
FREE!<br />
Evidence Based<br />
Effective<br />
Entertaining<br />
Engaging<br />
Empowering<br />
Prevention Education that WORKS!

But Hey, You Don’t Have to Take OUR Word for it!

Check out the testimonials below from students, faculty, and staff who were impacted by the show:

When Jim Mothersbaugh [Jr.] calls from the Geisinger Children’s Miracle Network to present Road Radio U.S.A., stop, find your calendar, and put it in the book. Our student body and staff highly recommend this show. Book it now!

Jim, you saw and heard the reaction of students. The silence was overwhelming as you told your story. Your pleas to use your brain, to stop and think, to not drink and of course, to not drink and drive is a message that young people need to hear again and again.

Alcohol and other drug abuse continues to plague our society, however with the help of programs like the Road Radio Show and people like Jim, we are able to provide valuable lessons to our school communities.

FREE  In-Person & Virtual<br />
prevention education<br />
school assembly. Book Now!

I have been in education for twenty four years and this was one of the most powerful and beneficial programs I have witnessed. Nine Hundred Six middle school students stood as one at the conclusion of the program to voice their approval and appreciation.

I hope that the Geisinger Health System (and other sponsors) can see fit to continue to sponsor this extremely worthwhile program. In my thirty-six years in education, I can think of no assembly program that is better than this one. The message is right on target and the delivery of the message is excellent.