March was a decent month for Road Road in spite of the fact we haven’t had many live shows for two years, thanks to COVID. Our last show was at a middle school in York County Pa.  March 2022 was an educational month for us.  Right now we’re learning how best to handle the virtual shows in schools. The St. John Neumann Virtual Show we did this month seemed to go smoothly. 

Thanks to Sandy and the crew at D&S Event Center, fundraising through Road Radio USA Bingo has helped us get through the tough times! We’re going on twenty years now with Road Radio USA bingo and I’ll definitely be writing about that in later blogs.  Speaking of fundraising efforts, the 2022 FCFP Raise the Region was a big success for Road Radio.  We earned just over $6,000, due in large part to Young Industries and John Young. He’s my dad’s former boss and friend.  And there were 20 more great contributions, too!  

The funds we raised will help us develop the new alcohol and other drug prevention show we’ve been planning for quite a long time.  We are finally far enough along in the process to start talking pre-production with our film crew!  We discussed three different shows for three different audiences, touching on topics like preventing underage drinking as well as prescription drug abuse and the dangers of buying drugs off the street. There will, of course, be all kinds of GREAT music in the new programs. It oughta be good!  I’d like to see 45-60 live shows in the years ahead.