It’s December!


There is so much to be excited about during this month, particularly as we prepare to spend the holidays with our loved ones. If you’re like many Americans, perhaps you’re working your way through your holiday to-do List, shopping for and wrapping gifts, planning holiday meals and gatherings, or decking the halls!


This December, Road Radio USA wants you to add one more task to your to-do list: Drive sober!


Did you know that the deadliest time of year for DUI (driving under the influence) in the US is the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day?  During this time, there is typically an increase in social gatherings, holiday parties, and celebrations, which can lead to an increase in alcohol consumption and impaired driving.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2019, 839 people lost their lives in drunk driving crashes during the month of December alone, accounting for 29% of all traffic fatalities for that month. The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day also saw a higher rate of alcohol-related crashes compared to other times of the year.

The increased risk of DUI-related accidents during the holiday season can be attributed to several factors, including more people on the road, longer travel distances, and an increase in alcohol consumption. Additionally, the holiday season is a time of year when law enforcement agencies typically increase their efforts to combat impaired driving through sobriety checkpoints, increased patrols, and public awareness campaigns.

It is important for individuals to plan ahead and make responsible decisions to reduce the risk of DUI during the holiday season. This can include designating a sober driver, using public transportation or ride-sharing services, and avoiding alcohol consumption altogether if planning to drive. By taking these precautions, individuals can help ensure a safe and happy holiday season for themselves and others on the road.


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