Man, have the last few years been full of surprises and unexpected change. 2019 and 2020  really altered our reality! The ability to spread our message changed dramatically when the Virus-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named seemingly shut down the whole world. Suddenly – BOOM – we were unable to perform our show in front of live audiences!

That same Unmentionable Virus that made it so we couldn’t gather in assemblies also closed a lot of schools and businesses.  Many young people were now stuck at home with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and a lot of extra unstructured, unsupervised time. Some were just bored and looking for something – ANYTHING – to do.  Some felt unable to get away from less-than-stellar home lives. Some felt isolated and alone. Some felt depressed and maybe even had thoughts of self-harm.

Well guess what? These kinds of stressors can take a huge toll an anyone, but they’re especially hard on youth! According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, those added stressors have the potential to increase the chance that kids and teens may decide that alcohol or other drugs are a good way to deal with tough emotions, self-medicate, or feel socially accepted and connected to their peers.

Yikes! Kids are more stressed out than ever and might be struggling to make informed, responsible choices. That meant that more than EVER, youth needed to hear our message! We know the message we have to share is meaningful and important.  NOTHING will stop Road Radio USA and DJ Jimbo in Stereo from mixing the music with the message!

The team at Road Radio USA spent the past 18 months working on a brand new show format that will allow us to reach our audience wherever they are. Now in addition to our usual live show, Road Radio USA offers a Virtual Show which can be presented live in any internet-connected environment. That’s right! Road Radio USA is still mixing the music with the message and now we can bring it to your school, your classroom, your youth organization through your computer screens!

Imagine – Road Radio USA can now send our message directly to you, wherever you are, through a live, interactive Zoom session. We still have the same message for you packaged with updated facts and information on underage drinking and an awesome new mix of music, music videos, and multimedia goodness!